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Illustration and Graphic Design

As a recent client described, "Shane's work ranges from the darkly ethereal to the culturally collective whimsical. He is a delight to work with and intuits his clients' wishes extremely well."

Shane Gallagher is a digital artist, Illustrator and Graphic designer from Townsville, Queensland, he is currently running my own business as a freelance professional with most of my contracts coming from private sector clients for a variety of branding, web-based and illustrative material. Shane Gallagher is a dynamic and creative designer located in tropical Queensland.  He brings a creative and unique approach to all projects, applying mixed media techniques to create a rich textured effect.   

Shane has worked in the design and illustration industry for five years, after an extensive career in Education. He works in a wide range of genres and media, and bring a slightly gothic and surreal take to his work.

Shane primarily  operates using Adobe software including Illustrator, In-Design, Photoshop;  he isalso proficient with traditional media such as pen and ink. Currently Shane is learning how to model and animate using Cinema 4D.

 Recent clients include:

Stereospread- Cover art and concept art for the American Indie group.

Haap- Cover art for the Norwegian Folk group.

King (VIII) George- Cover art

Nena Purrell jewelery- Catalouge of stem-punk inspired jewellery.

MGE Tty LTD- Promotional flyers

Tapa- Promotional material for the dance school's end of year concert and Performance programme.

Unquiet Void- Jason Wallach.  Cover and interior art.

Under the Juniper Tree- Halloween Illustration.

Entropy- Hyper-linking and updating company gift catalogues.

Prime Print- Graphic pre-press.

Patti Glasgow- Author and Lifestyle Coach

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